Monday, January 23, 2012

HOW TO create one course

It is assumed that you have a number of Student Learning Outcomes ready to be input into Daedalus. Here is some information on briefing instructors to get good SLO.

It is assumed that you are logged into the system as a curriculum builder.

It is also assumed that the course code exists on the system. If not, refer to the instruction here (coming soon).


  1. Click on Build\Course from the navigation menu.
  2. Enter a Course Code. The autocomplete will suggest existing options.
  3. Enter a Course Number.
  4. Enter a Course Title.
  5. Optionally, you may specify:
    1. Cross listed Course Codes and Numbers.
    2. Pre-requisite Courses. These must already exist on the system to be linked here.
  6. Do not enter SLO at this time, although the option exists.
  7. Click on Submit.
  8. You may review and edit the information on the Edit page where you will be redirected. Always click on Submit Changes to save your work.

Better viewed in full screen.

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